Psychotherapy area

Support a positive evolution through the search for awareness.

A life crisis triggers the search for a change that, if supported by psychotherapy, can lead to greater well-being through an increase in awareness.

I listen to the current and past suffering personal history, asking targeted questions. With the suspension of judgment, emotions can emerge freely and awareness of life issues increases. In this way, the person can improve the management of emotions and problems in everyday life.

The psychotherapy I propose follows the cognitive constructivist relational orientation and generally takes place in weekly meetings.

“Psychotherapy makes the person feel coming back to life”

Who needs psychotherapy?

Anyone who feels they are in a time of crisis and struggling to overcome it alone.

Addressed to people who have gone so far as to say: I have to start over again differently. The person may experience anxiety, phobia, depressed mood, eating disorders, compulsive rituals or difficulties in certain areas: at work, in important relationships, in the family. It is not important if the crisis is linked to a recent event or if it has slowly built up over time.

Adolescence is a phase of transition and detachment from parents, particularly delicate and often painful. If the adolescent experiences this phase with suffering and isolation in the family, school and among friends he can be supported by psychotherapy.

Like people, couples are constantly evolving. Sometimes, along the way, they can take divergent directions. When there is no more understanding and communication and you want to reconnect or you are unable to move away, it is time to start a therapy for couples.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Those who, whether individuals or couples, feel that they have run out of resources with their children can benefit from parenting support.

Anyone who feels they are in a time of crisis and struggling to overcome it alone.