Physiatry area

Rebalancing functions and abilities by putting the person at the center.

Loss of ability can depend on pain, a trauma, on acute, chronic or progressive illness. Each difficulty requires a specific multi-purpose approach. Depending on the type of pathology, the goal can be a complete functional recovery with the restoration of previous balance, a partial recovery with the search for a new balance also through compensation, or the containment of the progression of damage and disability.

During the physiatric examination, after making the diagnosis and evaluating the health potential, I establish together with the patient an individual rehabilitation project which is then implemented by the physiotherapist and other clinical professionals.

Who needs a physiatrist?
  • who suffers from osteoarticular or neurogenic, acute or chronic pain
  • who has lost a motor function , e.g. due to trauma, illness…
  • who suffers from motor functional regression, due to a chronic pathology, or a progressive pathology or problems related to aging
  • who suffers from posture or walking problems
  • who has a deficit or has not developed an ability, for example for a congenital or perinatal problem
My approach
I consider the person as a whole, considering:

  • his/her disorder
  • his/her own story
  • other additional health problems
  • his/her eating habits
  • his/herphysical activity
  • his/her working enviorment and releated problems
  • his/her posture
  • his/her goals and expectations